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How to extend your gaming collection PART1

Today: Thrift Stores (or Second Hand Stores where i live)


1) Usualy cheap
2) not individualy priced games
3) sometimes rare or obscure items appear for an extreme low price
4) usualy a wide selection of modern games
5) money back guarantee on most games and items


1) selection depends on people selling theyr stuff there, so your favorite
    game might not be available when you are looking for it
2) games for older gamesystems appear rarely (usualy evrything before
    Playstation 1
3) nonmainstream gamesystems are also rarely there

on the last pics you can see my latest swag from the thriftstores, lets do the math shall we?

1) GameBoy Camera Green: 1,99
     ebay price: 6,17
2) GameBoy Battery Pack: 2,99
     ebay price: 5,39
famiclone console: 4,99
     ebay price: n/a
4) gameboy player for gamecube: 14,99
     ebay price: 35,99
5) emergency 2012: 2,99
     ebay price: 9,99
6) assassins creed III sealed: 29,99
     ebay price: about the same
7) wii wheel: 1,99
     ebay price: about the same
8) PSX lightgun: 1,99
     ebay price: 8,99

thrift store total (without famiclone): 56,93
ebay total (without famiclone): 98,51
money saved: 41,58

all prices in Euro
ebay prices without shipping

i hope i could help you guys a bit to extend your game collection with this tips, now go and have fun looking for games at your nearest thrift store

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